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My name is Scott Kunkel and I am certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as a PERSONAL TRAINER, NUTRITION COACH and CORRECTIVE EXERCISE SPECIALIST. I am also certified by SPARTAN as an OBSTACLE COURSE COACH and OBSTACLE SPECIALIST.

I went through my own personal health journey and LOST 50 POUNDS by beginning an exercise routine and restructuring my nutrition.

I know the journey ahead of you and I'm ready when you are...​

FITbySCOTT Online Services:

Personal Training

We will discuss and establish your current health and fitness goals. Then I will tailor a specific routine to get you there.

Our plan will support weight loss, flexibility, muscle gain, strength or sport specific training depending on your goals.

Nutrition Coaching

We will assess your current nutritional status and body composition. Then I will help you with healthy food choices from the grocery store to the restaurant. These choices will fuel your daily activity, enhance your metabolism, boost your energy and support your recovery.​

Corrective Exercise

We will evaluate your posture and examine your movement patterns. Then I will recommend exercises and other modalities in order to improve mobility and relieve or eliminate pain. Common symptoms of poor posture or improper movement are low back and/or joint pain. Much of which is treatable with corrective exercise.


Single 60 minute

$60.00 each

Single 60 minute Pack of 6 (-10%)

$325.00 ($54.17 each)

Single 60 minute Pack of 12 (-15%)

 $612.00 ($51.00 each)

Single 30 minute

$32.50 each

Single 30 minute Pack of 6 (-10%)

$175.00 ($29.17 each)

Single 30 minute Pack of 12 (-15%)

$330 ($27.50 each)

Team 60 minute

$42.00 per person

Team 60 minute Pack of 6 (-10%)

$225.00 ($37.50 per person)

Team 60 minute Pack of 12 (-15%)

$430.00 ($35.83 per person)

* Single session = one on one coaching

* Team session = small group coaching up to 3 people

* Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice is requested to avoid being charged for the session

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What my friends are saying...

Scott trains using a balance of motivation and support—always urging me to improve, without being critical or judgmental. He definitely practices what he preaches in terms of health and fitness, and is an inspiration to me and others around him. He also has a great sense of humor.

Arnie D

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I appreciate Scott’s encouraging attitude toward fitness, his personal experience getting fit, and his laid back attitude. All of which make me want to workout but don’t make me feel pressured. I have seen gains in my athleticism and flexibility without injury.

Marcus R

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Scott is an excellent trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of exercise and fitness and will take the time to understand your personal goals, evaluate your strengths and limitations, and develop a plan to improve your body using an individualized program that is both challenging and fun. He is very dependable and always prompt. He can adjust workouts based on medical issues and was invaluable to me as I prepared for and recovered from a major surgery.

Cori M

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